Les Sombres Fables Partie 2

by Jord

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released March 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Jord France

Jord is a Black Metal project Created by Unglück guitarist vocalist and some synth and lyrics in french, Sadistic Blasphemer are the drummer of this project he make synth bass and the lyrics in English.

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Track Name: Chapter-1 Prologue The Black Magical
Chapter 1: Prologue/The Black Magical/The Priest's Fear turned Vitriol The aria of the wind begins our tale so By the trees moonlit, where sits two crows Two crows upon mossy and cryptic stones Graves of bone "Here lieth Xort, borne the 1st of February, unknow year ; hung, drawn, and quartered the 14th of May, unknow year. Condemned for witchcraft and satanic artistry" "Here lieth Zaimœnean, borne the 2nd of April, unknow year; beheaded the 14th of May, unknow year . Condemned for witchcraft and satanic artistry" Two souls slain Wanderers of the left hand pathway Born Samuel and Jonathan, but adopted Xort and Zaimœnean, respectively. Let me begin. A book of grimoire they found Between two skulls on ground One of human and one of ram In the center of the pentagram In the woods where they played Became their occult meetingplace Fire burned brightly in the glade They uttered black magical spells From the grimoire named "The Greatest Key of Daimonia" The lesser key? Who knew where it lay But enrapturing was each spellbinding word on its pages. Thus they began to speak invocation of Mage Blacker words than any death of day Christian priest grew afraid That more of his sheepish congregation would be led astray Led into the devil's way And so on one day... With a pewter cup laced with oil of hemlock And as Xort and Zaimœnean lie asleep He dared to defeat the warlocks And claim for Christ, victory Then he condemned their helpless bodies to the gallows To have Xort drawn and quartered Beheaded was the fate of Zaimœnean Such was the brutality of their slaughter The congregation grew proud That such blasphemy was slain They screamed in joy so loud Louder than the thunder in the rain
Track Name: Chapter-2 A Funeral Ceremony Rife and Rank With Desecration
Chapter 2:A Funeral Ceremony Rife and Rank With Desecration/The Conception of Vengeful Spirits At the graves of the two witchcraft practitioners There Read a vitriolic elegy by the priesthood Their funeral was desecrated Their graves violated And the spit of the priest dared enter their tombs Little did they realize what seeds they had sown in the wombs...
Track Name: Chapter-3 Hatred Within Breeding
Chapter 3: Hatred Within Breeding/Gestation of Contempt and Umbrage Spirits of Xort and Zaimœnean Grew with unrest For such atrocities forced against them Should not go unpunished They could not sleep Their rest unfulfilled They could not enjoy their dreams Because of the manner they were killed Here lieth no peace They could not sleep Their spirits could not rest Thus Flowered their vengeance The Witchhammer growing brittle with time and seething abhorrence of church under the skyline... A fire Burning brighter Grew ever higher.
Track Name: Chapter-4 Intermezzo
Chapter 4: Intermezzo/Dawn of Lunasa Lunasa dawn spawned Necromantic wind Whose incantation Awakened...them...
Track Name: Chapter-5 The Return of the Warlocks
Chapter 5: The Return of the Warlocks/From The Necromantic Wind Arisen from the dead From desecrated graves Xort and Zaimœnean return Their hatred stronger than the flames Sadistic priest expected this not Expected them instead to continue to rot As he spake more of the glory of god So rose from the grave did the two warlocks Their spite unseen grew too strong For the wind's necromantic song Summoned their spirits to revive their vessels With the blessings of the princes of hell Oddly did chime the church bell As if it were the sound of the beautiful knell But no apparent creature nor wind Chimed the church bell Priest grew afraid again His hubris, to ashes, fell. An unseen storm birthed a mighty gale Twain eyes from each churchgoer beneath foggy veil Saw a sudden calmness yet dark winds Came to being, as if summoned by sin! The wolves have been unchained From their unblessed graves!
Track Name: Chapter-6 A Night Of Bloodsoakedness
Chapter 6: A Night Of Bloodsoakedness/The Carnage They had begun to Terrorize The bloodshed panoramic in their eyes The children of Lamia Xort and Zaimœnean Became famished more by the hour Cannibalistic bloodlust boiling in them All could be seen from a demon watchtower A glimpse from the other side The Demons rejoiced by the sight in their eyes Unction of semen unto the priest As he cried to God, "why hast thou forsaken me?" Enraptured were the two warlocks reborn Upon the bloodsoaked necrosis of their flesh was fulfilled scorn Devoured became the flesh of the congregation To the bone was all that was left of them And the priest was the last to remain Forced to watch the carnage in disdain And his torture was the worst to come Trial by fire and water beneath a blackened sun Doom impended and restrained too long As was the Darkness in their ceremonial dance and song The hatred pounding deep in their hearts Merely waiting for the moment of a spark Spread forth from the wind And soon nothing left was standing but them, Xort and Zaimœnean.
Track Name: Chapter-7 Sleep
Chapter 7: Sleep/Epilogue They, of Xort and Zaimœnean named, returned to the hills of their graves The priest and congregation rotted away Their souls could finally sleep in peace. Their spirits now resting at ease. ...Their tombs, their eternal slumber...