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by Jord

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released October 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Jord France

Jord is a Black Metal project Created by Unglück guitarist vocalist and some synth and lyrics in french, Sadistic Blasphemer are the drummer of this project he make synth bass and the lyrics in English.

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Track Name: Sardonic Wrath - Arcane Occult Reborn
Take me to the mountain
That called forth the birth of infernal majesty
I want to taste empyrium
Diabolical Elysium
A castle, fortress of thy darkest solitude,
Master Satan

Wandering the right hand path
Is not for me
I am not weak
I am not amongst the sheep
Tongues cannot rein your puissance
Hail the moonlit ritual cult
Hail the deeper vileness

Take me to the mountains
The princedom of Leviathan
The Aegean seas raging
Swallowing the flesh of weak willed men
A channel in the Serpent, Nahash
Temptation's creator
Truest form of Lucifer
Awaken not from a slumber of death
But one of reincarnation
From our incantation
Our invocation
To the continuing glory of Master Satan.

Wasted would be a cenotaph
For the simple fools,
Their Caustic philosophy,
And contempt of the golden path
To my left-hand

Now The eyes of archangels
Corrode by vitriol
Truth, aqua Regis
To the golden walls and gates of heaven.

Heofoncund scēat
(In Nomine Domini meus Satanas)
Gehwædeu ærworuld feorru begeondan
(In Nomine Domini meus Satanas)
Bēgena Blæc swā þære æmtignesse wiðinnan
(In Nomine Domini Meus Satanas)
Ac ssciran be ānlīpig candel fram onlihting bealudædum.

Translation from Old English:

Astral projection
Microcosm (little world) far beyond
Both dark as the void within
But lit by the lone candle from/of Promethean (Enlightening) sin.
Track Name: Sardonic Wrath - Goetia Clovenhoof Moonspellblood
Goatstench surrounds the altar
Lithe invocation uttered in sacred pentagram
"Ego evocatio spirita tenebras
In nomine Satanas"
From A book bound in human flesh
And inked in human blood,
Cleanse the air and consecrate the earth with Clovenhoof Moonspellblood
Like incense
Mammon, thy greed of megalomania Evoketh my metaphysical being
Semen of fallen angels sow through the succubi
Demon spawn winged to conquer the sky
"Non misericordia ad morti
Apud irae inferni"
"Mea verba, sunt mysteriis
Scientiu Occultus ad Homo. "
Apocrypha from a time long lost.
Track Name: Loup Garou
Moitié Homme Moitié Loup Issu de rituel Païen
il déchaîne sa haine en vers les chrétiens.

Il se repaît de leur chaire, gloire a l'homme loup purifie nos terre
chasse l'envahisseur chrétiens de nos terre

Décapite les éviscères les !!!

ô joie il meurent un par un
leur églises brûle détruite par, le Loup Garou.
Track Name: Ancient Rituel
Yadn, Ordou!!!
imnèracht, Mé Imnèrachtis
aicht sigl danné

lâig dè to
aich em

Prenomm roup
a Gimme